Friday, January 4, 2008


Hello, and welcome. This is my first attempt at a blog... or internet presence of any kind short of the occasional postings on someone else's site or newsgroup. What I hope to do here is pass along and share information about the Boys' solo films. Not too much has changed since the publishing of LAUREL OR HARDY but there is a film or two to add to the filmography and a few bits of additional information to add. I also have acquired some additional images since the book came out and I'll be posting those as well.
So again, thanks for visiting and here's to spending some time with two of the greatest comedians to ever hit the silver screen. Together or apart they were two very funny fellows.

Somewhere in Wrong,
Bor Enots


marko said...

Hi Rob,
we are currently researching Mae Laurel for a potential feature film and finding her rather elusive. Would love to have a chat about any visuals or stories you have on her. All the best, Mark Overett, Producer, New Holland Pictures, Australia

René Riva said...

Hi Rob. This blog is absolutely great. I hope it will expand with time. Again, many compliments on your great book about the boys' solo work. It's still the only reference of it's kind. Best wishes, René Riva. Global Moderator of the Laurel & Hardy Forum.