Friday, September 18, 2009

The More Laurel or Hardy Collection DVD set


I am hosting a second DVD set of Stan and Ollie solo films. The set will hit the stores on October 13 at a list price of $19.95. There are some rare titles on this set:

"A Warm Reception" - One of my all time favorite Babe Hardy films. Made at Vim after Plump & Runt ended this stars Babe and he also directed.

"Distilled Love" - Babe's one and only appearance with the great Alice Howell (one of Stan's favorite comediennes).

"The Pest" - Stan and the Music Box stairs some ten years before the Boys move a piano up the same stairs.

"Weak-End Party" - Another of the films Stan made for G.M. Anderson. This one is a good one and has Babe London in it.

"The Chief Cook" - Ellen Burford is in the bathtub and Billy West spys on her. IN this uncut version we all get to see what he was looking at! How did they ever think nudity was ever going to make it past the various state ensor boards?

Here is the running order (may be a bit out of date, I think there were a few changes since I last heard from Passport):

Oliver “Babe” Hardy & Stan Laurel: the Early Years: “Something In Her Eye” (Novelty, 1915); “Love And Duty” (Vim, 1916); “A Warm Reception” (Vim, 1916); “Just Rambling Along” (Hal Roach, 1918); “Do You Love Your Wife?” (Hal Roach, 1919); “Distilled Love” (Reelcraft, 1920) .

Oliver “Babe” Hardy with Billy West: “The Station Master” (King Bee, 1917); “The Chief Cook” (King Bee, 1917); “Cupid’s Rival” (King Bee, 1917); “Bright And Early” (King Bee, 1918).

Stan Laurel at Hal Roach in 1923: “Man About Town” (Hal Roach, 1923); “Save the Ship” AKA “The Houseboat” (Hal Roach, 1923); “Short Orders” (Hal Roach, 1923); “The Noon Whistle” (Hal Roach, 1923); “Scorching Sands” (Hal Roach, 1923); “Frozen Hearts” (Hal Roach, 1923).

Laurel OR Hardy with Larry Semon: “Huns And Hyphens” (Vitagraph, 1918); “The Perfect Clown” (First National, 1925).

Stan Laurel in Search of a Character (and a studio): “The Weak-End Party” (Amalgamated, 1922); “The Pest” (Amalgamated, 1922); “The Egg” (Amalgamated, 1922); “No Place Like Jail” AKA “Detained” (Joe Rock, 1924); “Mandarin Mix-Up” (Joe Rock, 1924); “Somewhere In Wrong”(Joe Rock, 1925); “Pie-Eyed” (Joe Rock, 1925); “Half a Man” (Joe Rock, 1925) .

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