Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HER BOY FRIEND pressbook

Here is the pressbook for HER BOY FRIEND (Educational, 1924) Larry Semon's first short after leaving Vitagraph. Babe, billed as Oliver N. Hardy, is in this one but not highlighted much in the pressbook. Enjoy:


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Rob, all of it. But can you get it all a little larger? I can't quite read the Semon pressbook, nor can I see the faces on the people in your scans. I was hoping all I had to do was click on the illustrations and they'd pop up as big as life and in living color - LOL. Thanks Rob and keep up the good work.
SteveR, Phila

Michael J. Hayde said...

"They will be produced with every bit of skill at Semon's command and no expense will be spared nor detail omitted to make these comedies the equal to, if not the best, on the market."

Albert E. Smith and the gang at Vitagraph must've been laughing their heads off at this!