Monday, October 29, 2012

Lost Hardy lost no longer!

Today FedEx delivered four barrels of nitrate purchased by the Library of Congress from a private collector in Suffolk, United Kingdom.  Included in the shipment was the previously thought to be lost Oliver Hardy film, AN EXPENSIVE VISIT (Lubin, 1915).  Always a good day to be able to add back onto the extant list any film, but it is always a bit more special when it features Babe Hardy.

It should be noted that the purchase was made possible due to the work of leading Laurel & Hardy solo film expert David Wyatt.  He made us aware of the potential sale, and when the deal was made he transported the films to the British Film Institute (who helped facilitate the shipment to the U.S.).

More on this title in the near future...

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Dave 'Lord' Heath said...

Fantastic news. I have to ask the obvious, did you (Rob) view the film for yourself when you wrote your book?

The other question of course is, if this film exists - when do us dedicated fans get to see a copy of it?

I have also read that other Hardy solo films are around but not available for the home market. This is a shame.